Monsoon style

It’s that time of the year again. Monsoon clouds are upon us and that means time for monsoon shopping!! Shopping for stylish footwear, raincoat and funky umbrellas.  Let’s be honest, even if your rainy boots and shoes are in a good condition, you are still going to buy a new one. (I can’t be the only one who does that). The hemline of your pants, leggings and jeans go up. Because no one wants it to be ruined due to muddy roads. (No matter what the advertisements say, it is hard to get rid of the mud stains. Especially during this season when there is hardly any sunlight to dry the clothes.)


Time to pack up your shoes which have no chance of surviving the rains.  There are tons of variety of shoes available for the season. Leather shoes are a big no. Word of advice, not all shoes suit everyone. For instance the ballet flats injure the back of my leg. There is always a nasty cut and takes too much time for my feet to adjust. So this year I decided to buy a pair which I am comfortable with. If it’s not comfortable, it’s just a waste of money.



Umbrella isn’t just a monsoon necessity, it’s a fashion accessory. Now there are different types of umbrellas in different colors and designs. From bubble umbrellas to transparent umbrellas. Go for something colorful. It lighten ups the dark and gloomy weather.



Many try to minimize the use of jeans because it takes time to dry, and with the lack of sunlight it can take up to two days.You can also opt for three quarter jeans. Hemlines go up too as no one wants it to get dirty because of the muddy roads. Trench coats are all time classic and looks good on everything.



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