Major 2016 Feels

If you have ever witnessed a fangirl being attacked by feels I feel sorry for you. We are shameless, and don’t care who just witnessed our emotional breakdown. (At the initial stages of this riteful passage we do get worried but later on we just don’t care.) Our family and friends have already witnessed us making inhuman whale noises, and drowning in our own tears, and being hit by waves of feels and then drowning in them.

fangirl 3.jpg

Some people just don’t get the struggle of a fangirl.



Till now this year has been a roller coaster  of feels (not exaxtly news). So here’s a list of some of the major feels of 2016.

  • Sciles Break up:  The second best bromance in televsion (No one can ever beat Chandler and Joey).  All the Teen Wolf fans cried, except for maybe me. And before I get attacked by other fangirls, let me make one thing clear. I was heartbroken like all other fans. But I was also angry on Scott like dude, this is your best friend, are you really gonna trust Theo over Stiles? Like what the hell is wrong with you?
  • Captain America Civil War: That movie was constant feels of 2 hour. The movie was crawling with many of Marvel’s superheroes. Not that I am complaining. The major fight between Ironman and Captain America?  They better make it up in the new Avengers movie said to be released in May 2018. And the new Spiderman? I have to say Tom Holland has done a great job as the new spiderman. And did you see Black Panther and Ant Man, they were awesome.But Blank Panther stole the show hands down. But then again the Marvel movie casting is never wrong. The whole Scarlet Witch-Vision angle? Loved it. Oh and let’s not forget Steve and Sharon Carter. Overall the picture was amazing. If only Thor would be there with his Mew Mew and also Hulk. Ooh that would have been fun too. And we aren’t the only one. Check out Paul Rudd confessing the fangirl moments he had on the sets on Civil War, in Graham Norton’s show.
    We feel you Paul or also known as Crap Bag (Did you see what I did there fellow FRIENDS fan? *wink wink*)
  • Now You See Me 2:  Ohmygod! The sequel was phenomenal. And while watching the scene where Daniel Radcliffe’s character Walter, trying to do magic and failing at it only one thing came in my mind. “‘Yer not a wizard in this one Harry.”  I am not even sorry. And the new character Lulu played by Lizzy Caplan was perfect.  

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