Surviving First Week Of College

It’s been a week since my college started, so I believe I am officially qualified to give away tips on surviving the first week of college.

  • Everyone is nervous. Trust me, everyone is a little nervous and also maybe a bit scared. I remember my first day like it was just a week ago (well it was a week ago). But anyways, luckily few people I went to school junior college with had enrolled for the same course as me, so it wasn’t that scary. You always feel a little better when familiar people are with you in new environment. Plus the seniors are really nice and try to make you feel welcome.


  • Making friends may seem a little hard, but hey what’s the harm in trying. Who knows maybe you will find the best friend of your life.


  • Go to class. I know a lot of people say that college is suppose to be fun and it’s okay to miss class. Well here’s the thing. Have fun but don’t miss classes unless of course you have a reason to. You will regret it during exams, plus attendance is actually a pretty big factor when it comes to your marks. Or in my college’s case a pretty big factor when it comes to exam. My college doesn’t let anyone with less than 75% attendance to sit even for the units. (Well, I mean that’s what we are told).


  • Find out about all the events and clubs and groups your college has. And try to participate in at least one of those things. You meet new people plus it’s good for you all round development.


  • Jot down whatever your teacher says that you feel is important. Proper notes are your way of passing the semester. And so are your assignments and projects.



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