Public Speaking

    Public speaking is easy for some while it is scary for some. I for one am still a little terrified of speaking in front of large audiences. And it doesn’t help that being a media student I have to give presentations in front of the entire class. But I can say that I have conquered my fear a little.

    The first time I gave a presentation, I screwed up. It was a group project and I got stuck for a few seconds. And I found that incident very embarrassing and humiliating. So naturally before the next presentation I was more nervous. And I was so sure that I would screw up again. But then I thought that I can’t let that bring me down. I can’t be scared of it for the rest of my life. So I took small steps. First, speak standing in front of the mirror. Check your body language. Your body language can tell if you are confident or nervous. Then start with a small audience. Speak in front of your family and friends, ask them for feedback. Keep practicing and increase your audience. Also before giving your presentation a lot of people go through the points. I personally don’t do that as that tends to make me more nervous.  My second presentation went pretty good. Although I am still a little anxious, I am still working on being good at it.