Every year when comic con hits my city, there is always some reason why I can’t go. It’s either because I have my exams or some other prior plans. But this time Comic Con 2018 was in December and my exams were in November. How great is that! And I decided, this year no matter what I am going to attend it.

So a month before Comic Con my friend texts me that the form for applying as a volunteer was up and I was like why not? I always wanted to, but never could cause well I never even got to attend it before. So I filled the form and hoped for the best. Fast forward to a few weeks later after attending the first meeting and applying for departments I was interested in, I got a mail for them telling that I was chosen and to send in a confirmation if I will be volunteering.

Now I wasn’t sure if I should send the confirmation, because whenever I decide to do something I always have a voice in the back of my head saying’ “But what if you mess up really bad and ruin things?” And I am not proud to say it but I have let this reasoning stop me taking up many opportunities in the past that I still regret. And I didn’t want this to one of the things I end up passing and regretting later. So I typed the email and my thumb was hovering over the send button for a good five minutes. Then I forced myself to press it and said, “Well whatever happens happens.”

So the greatest weekend of the year came around and I was pretty hyped up and excited and glad that I sent that mail. The department I was working for was Media Desk. So basically, what Media Desk does is when media professionals come to visit Comic Con, our job is to see if they have registered themselves and if they have to give them the media badges along with the media kit, which consisted of the press release, and the schedule, and a notebook. And if a media professional comes who hasn’t registered themselves we have to check their ids and make sure they really are from said media company before registering them. Their are a lot of people who fake being a media professional so they go inside without having to buy passes. Kind of smart. And if a media professional wants someone to show them around one of us would accompany them and give them a tour and show them around. We worked with the PR professionals from the company that was handling the PR of Comic Con India 2018. And as a media student it was a very valuable experience as we got to interact with various media professionals and saw the PR professionals work closely.

And the perks of being a volunteer were pretty sweet too. We shopped for merchandises on the second day at the end when all the stuff were up for discounts. We got goodies- a Deadpool t-shirt, a comic con volunteer legion key chain, two badges, and a notebook at the end and Mark Kistler gave all volunteers a signed artwork of their choice! Overall it was a fun experience and I am looking forward to next year’s con.

A Thousand Pieces Of You


Marguerite’s father is in a car accident and is believed to be dead. Paul, one of their parents’ research assistant is the prime suspect, who is nowhere to be found. Paul has escaped into the multiverse using Firebird, her parent’s invention. Marguerite and Theo follow Paul to find him and kill him. However things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. Follow M’s journey across different universes where she learns and discovers about a lot of things, including fate.


This book is the first in the Firebird series. A series that I have found really interesting and intend to complete. The book deals with the theory of multiverse, something that I have been fascinated since some time now. So when I discovered this book it didn’t take much for me to buy it.

Claudia Grey captures the essence of the characters perfectly. There are few twists and turns that leave you in a tornado of emotions. This book has you questioning a lot of things, for  instance- does alternate dimensions really exist? If they do, is there a way to travel in different dimensions or a way to communicate with them, what are our alternate selves like?


Let It Snow


Before Let It Snow I hadn’t read any novels with interconnecting stories. But I had always loved movies with interconnected. I came across Let It Snow after I finished reading The Fault In Our Stars, and was looking for other books by John Green. Let It Snow is my favorite Christmas themed book.

It is written  by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle. The first story is The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson. Jubilee’s parents are obsessed with the Flobie Santa Village, so much that they named their daughter after one of the Flobie Santa Village building, Jubilee Hall. After an incident at the department store, Jubilee finds herself spending Christmas Eve on a train to Florida to stay with her grandparents, instead of being with her boyfriend on their anniversary. On the train we meet Jeb, who is trying to call his ex-girlfriend. Her train gets stuck in Gracetown and she decides to get out of the train instead of being stuck with 14 cheerleaders. She  finds herself at Waflle House where she meets Stuart. Personally this is my favorite story of the three.

The next story is A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green. It revolves around three friends Duke, Tobin, and JP trying to reach Waffle House with Twister when they get a call from Keun whom me first met in The Jubilee Express. Duke isn’t really all that excited to drive through the storm to get to the Waffle House just to play twister with 14 cheerleaders, but she has no choice but to accompany her two friends. I found this story a little cliche but it was still really good.

The final story is The Patron Saint of Pigs by Lauren Myracle. Addie is still hung up on Jeb, her ex-boyfriend, whom she cheated on in a drunken state.  She calls her friends over to talk, only for them to tell her that she can be self-absorbed and doesn’t think of others. In order to prove them wrong she says she will get Tegan, her friend a teacup pig. She later forgets to pick up the pig and finds out it has already being adopted by someone else. Addie some how manages to get the address of the person who adopted it and finds out it is the woman who she had met earlier claiming to be a Christmas Angel.

The Tinfoil Guy who is my favorite cameo in all the tree stories. My favorite part of the story is when all the main characters from the three different stories are present at the coffee shop. It is an exciting moment with all the characters having their happily ever after. It was a comforting feeling to see everything fall in place perfectly. The stories fit together perfectly.

I would recommend this book to everyone. It is a great story for the holidays, on that will touch your heart.

This Song Will Save Your Life


A review of one of the books that has made an impact on me.

“You think it’s so easy to change yourself. You think it’s so easy, but it’s not.” Is how Leila Sales’ This Song Will Save Your Life starts. Elise Dembowski was never good at making friend, she believe she was born to be unpopular. She spent the entire summer before her sophomore year trying to change into someone who is considered to be ‘cool’, someone who wouldn’t be mocked, someone who had friends. A series of events made Elise sure that no matter what she tried, she will always be the same.

She found her escape in sneaking out in the middle of the night, walking aimlessly with her iPod. One night she stumbles upon Vicki and Pippa, two girls standing outside a ware house, which happened to be an underground dance party, Start. There Elise found people who shared the same passion as her- music. She was introduced to the charismatic and charming DJ Char, through whom she found her true passion- DJing. When Char asks her to take his place for a little while, she feels control over a social situation. Later she gets an opportunity for a guest DJ slot.  She lives a double life as an ordinary teenage girl and a DJ at Start. Elise’s journey is something you can inspire from. Her struggle to not only change the way others look at her but also how she sees herself, how she believes there is something wrong with her is captured perfectly.

I didn’t expect the book to make such a big impression on me. We all feel the need to blend in. At some point we can all relate to Elise. Leila Sales has perfectly captured the struggle of self acceptance and the peer pressure that a teen ager goes through. The book is written perfectly and isn’t cliché like I had dreaded it to be before I started reading it. I believed at first that it would be a cliché novel were romance saved someone, but it proved me wrong. You experience Elise’s story with her; when she first entered Start, the first time she went on the DJ booth, which was a life altering moment for her. The story is heart-breaking, touching, funny and inspiring; it gives you hope and courage. Change can feel impossible but it’s gradual. Things don’t stay the same forever and we change in many moments. There are times when you can relate to the situations Elise is in, times when you are heartbroken and feel bad for her. The synopsis doesn’t prepare you for the book.

As the story proceeds, Elise finds people who help her embrace her just the way she is. She inspires you, and makes you believe that life isn’t always going to be hard, things do get better. The supporting characters are brilliantly written, with varying personalities. The other characters too remind us of a small piece of ourselves at some point. The best part of the book is watching Elise find her passion that transforms her life. Elise is a well written character and it is easy to relate to her on many different levels.

“Because throughout it all, you are still, always, you: beautiful and bruised, known and unknowable. And isn’t that- just you- enough?”


Public Speaking

    Public speaking is easy for some while it is scary for some. I for one am still a little terrified of speaking in front of large audiences. And it doesn’t help that being a media student I have to give presentations in front of the entire class. But I can say that I have conquered my fear a little.

    The first time I gave a presentation, I screwed up. It was a group project and I got stuck for a few seconds. And I found that incident very embarrassing and humiliating. So naturally before the next presentation I was more nervous. And I was so sure that I would screw up again. But then I thought that I can’t let that bring me down. I can’t be scared of it for the rest of my life. So I took small steps. First, speak standing in front of the mirror. Check your body language. Your body language can tell if you are confident or nervous. Then start with a small audience. Speak in front of your family and friends, ask them for feedback. Keep practicing and increase your audience. Also before giving your presentation a lot of people go through the points. I personally don’t do that as that tends to make me more nervous.  My second presentation went pretty good. Although I am still a little anxious, I am still working on being good at it.

Teen Wolf Season 6

The wait is finally over, well not completely. The trailer of the new and final season of Teen Wolf has been released! Yaaay!! And that’s not all, the rumors of Dylan not returning is not true which is old news, but Cody and Ian are returning for the final season! eeeee! Tyler Hoechlin and Daniel Sharman better follow their footsteps because we need SourWolf and the adorable Beta. I wish Arden Cho was there too. *sighs sadly*.

And ohmygod! The trailer was fantastic. And that Stydia scene, I died. Don’t worry Stiles Lydia won’t forgot you (and neither will we). Yes Stiles they will come for you. And Layden is still a thing, thank god for that.

Here’s what we found out from the trailer:

The Wild Hunt which was mentioned in the last season is going to be the central villain. The Nazi werewolf is still in scene (Am I the only who thought that the Nazi werewolf was going to be the main villain?) And also Nazi werewolf, how dare you attack Mama McCall?

Liam rescued Theo from the underground. Now I am really curious to know how that happened, not that I am complaining that he’s returning. But why did the Pack decide to save Theo? We can also see him with the Dread Doctors. Maybe the backstory of how he became a Chimera.

Peter Hale is back, and is also apparently being slowly forgotten along with Stiles. Talking of forgetting, Sheriff we are already on a roller coaster here don’t make us suffer more by forgetting your son. We see him in Stiles’ bedroom (now just an empty room).

Parrish was locked in. He is part of the Hunt being the Hellhound and all, so maybe it has something to do with that.

Another Banshee. And she is not nice, we can see her fighting with Lydia.

Also did you guys see the .Lydia and Scott are trying to protect you 360    It’s awesome ^-^

Surviving First Week Of College

It’s been a week since my college started, so I believe I am officially qualified to give away tips on surviving the first week of college.

  • Everyone is nervous. Trust me, everyone is a little nervous and also maybe a bit scared. I remember my first day like it was just a week ago (well it was a week ago). But anyways, luckily few people I went to school junior college with had enrolled for the same course as me, so it wasn’t that scary. You always feel a little better when familiar people are with you in new environment. Plus the seniors are really nice and try to make you feel welcome.


  • Making friends may seem a little hard, but hey what’s the harm in trying. Who knows maybe you will find the best friend of your life.


  • Go to class. I know a lot of people say that college is suppose to be fun and it’s okay to miss class. Well here’s the thing. Have fun but don’t miss classes unless of course you have a reason to. You will regret it during exams, plus attendance is actually a pretty big factor when it comes to your marks. Or in my college’s case a pretty big factor when it comes to exam. My college doesn’t let anyone with less than 75% attendance to sit even for the units. (Well, I mean that’s what we are told).


  • Find out about all the events and clubs and groups your college has. And try to participate in at least one of those things. You meet new people plus it’s good for you all round development.


  • Jot down whatever your teacher says that you feel is important. Proper notes are your way of passing the semester. And so are your assignments and projects.


Major 2016 Feels

If you have ever witnessed a fangirl being attacked by feels I feel sorry for you. We are shameless, and don’t care who just witnessed our emotional breakdown. (At the initial stages of this riteful passage we do get worried but later on we just don’t care.) Our family and friends have already witnessed us making inhuman whale noises, and drowning in our own tears, and being hit by waves of feels and then drowning in them.

fangirl 3.jpg

Some people just don’t get the struggle of a fangirl.



Till now this year has been a roller coaster  of feels (not exaxtly news). So here’s a list of some of the major feels of 2016.

  • Sciles Break up:  The second best bromance in televsion (No one can ever beat Chandler and Joey).  All the Teen Wolf fans cried, except for maybe me. And before I get attacked by other fangirls, let me make one thing clear. I was heartbroken like all other fans. But I was also angry on Scott like dude, this is your best friend, are you really gonna trust Theo over Stiles? Like what the hell is wrong with you?
  • Captain America Civil War: That movie was constant feels of 2 hour. The movie was crawling with many of Marvel’s superheroes. Not that I am complaining. The major fight between Ironman and Captain America?  They better make it up in the new Avengers movie said to be released in May 2018. And the new Spiderman? I have to say Tom Holland has done a great job as the new spiderman. And did you see Black Panther and Ant Man, they were awesome.But Blank Panther stole the show hands down. But then again the Marvel movie casting is never wrong. The whole Scarlet Witch-Vision angle? Loved it. Oh and let’s not forget Steve and Sharon Carter. Overall the picture was amazing. If only Thor would be there with his Mew Mew and also Hulk. Ooh that would have been fun too. And we aren’t the only one. Check out Paul Rudd confessing the fangirl moments he had on the sets on Civil War, in Graham Norton’s show.
    We feel you Paul or also known as Crap Bag (Did you see what I did there fellow FRIENDS fan? *wink wink*)
  • Now You See Me 2:  Ohmygod! The sequel was phenomenal. And while watching the scene where Daniel Radcliffe’s character Walter, trying to do magic and failing at it only one thing came in my mind. “‘Yer not a wizard in this one Harry.”  I am not even sorry. And the new character Lulu played by Lizzy Caplan was perfect.  

Monsoon style

It’s that time of the year again. Monsoon clouds are upon us and that means time for monsoon shopping!! Shopping for stylish footwear, raincoat and funky umbrellas.  Let’s be honest, even if your rainy boots and shoes are in a good condition, you are still going to buy a new one. (I can’t be the only one who does that). The hemline of your pants, leggings and jeans go up. Because no one wants it to be ruined due to muddy roads. (No matter what the advertisements say, it is hard to get rid of the mud stains. Especially during this season when there is hardly any sunlight to dry the clothes.)


Time to pack up your shoes which have no chance of surviving the rains.  There are tons of variety of shoes available for the season. Leather shoes are a big no. Word of advice, not all shoes suit everyone. For instance the ballet flats injure the back of my leg. There is always a nasty cut and takes too much time for my feet to adjust. So this year I decided to buy a pair which I am comfortable with. If it’s not comfortable, it’s just a waste of money.



Umbrella isn’t just a monsoon necessity, it’s a fashion accessory. Now there are different types of umbrellas in different colors and designs. From bubble umbrellas to transparent umbrellas. Go for something colorful. It lighten ups the dark and gloomy weather.



Many try to minimize the use of jeans because it takes time to dry, and with the lack of sunlight it can take up to two days.You can also opt for three quarter jeans. Hemlines go up too as no one wants it to get dirty because of the muddy roads. Trench coats are all time classic and looks good on everything.